square [adj1] honest, genuine aboveboard, decent, equal, equitable, ethical, even, fair, fair-and-square, impartial, impersonal, just, nonpartisan, objective, on-the-level, sporting, sportspersonlike, straight, straightforward, unbiased, unprejudiced, upright; concepts 267,542 —Ant. deceiving, dishonest, fake square [adj2] four-sided boxlike, boxy, equalsided, equilateral, foursquare, orthogonal, quadrate, quadratic, quadratical, rectangular, rectilinear, right-angled, squared, squarish; concept 486 square [adj3] old-fashioned, conventional behind the times, bourgeois, button-down*, conservative, dated, orthodox, out-of-date, straight*, strait-laced*, stuffy*; concepts 401,404 —Ant. current, in vogue, new, popular, stylish square [n1] person who is old-fashioned, conventional antediluvian, conservative, diehard*, fuddy-duddy*, reactionary, stickin-the-mud*, traditionalist; concept 423 square [n2] municipal park area, center, circle, common, green, plaza, space, village green; concept 509 square [v1] correspond, agree accord, balance, check out, coincide, conform, dovetail*, fit, fit in, gee, harmonize, jibe, match, reconcile, tally; concept 664 —Ant. disagree square [v2] pay off, satisfy balance, bribe, buy, buy off, clear, clear off, clear up, corrupt, discharge, fix, have, liquidate, make even, pay, pay up, quit, rig, settle, tamper with; concept 341 —Ant. owe square [v3] adapt, regulate accommodate, adjust, align, conform, even up, fit, level, quadrate, reconcile, suit, tailor, tailor-make*, true; concepts 126,202

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